Free ‘Is coaching for me?’ session

I get it.

You are not sure if I can help you.

Honestly, me neither.

Just as a suggestion, I would steer very clear of someone who has never met you promising a quick fix. Quick fixes are possible sometimes but probably better to know who you are and what world you live in first.

This is the idea of the free ‘is it for me’ session. Hypnotherapists, coaches and clients are all different. Let’s find out if we want to work together.

Here is how it works.

Use the contact form to state your interest in booking a session. Make sure you include your email address so I can reply to you. I do all of this initial process by email.

We will agree a mutually convenient time and put the session in our diaries. You will then send me your Skype details.

At the agreed time we will have a conversation. It’s not a sales call and after the conversation you decide for yourself whether you want to work with me or not. This is not quite as altruistic as it may sound. More motivated clients tend to be more successful and the more client success I have the better it is for business…

If you decide to go ahead you email me and book an initial number of sessions. When we have those in the diary you pay for the sessions in advance. As soon as payment has cleared we are good to go.

What happens in the free session?

It’s an exploration, so we won’t know until afterwards. Here are some of the ingredients I will bring into the mix:

  • I will want to know what you want to achieve
  • why you haven’t achieved it
  • what you have done to achieve it
  • why do you care, what actual difference will it make to your life that is worth working for?

I will also check some areas that would preclude us working together that will involve questions about your medical history. If we do work together you will be required to sign a document stating that the information you have given me is truthful and accurate.

You will probably have questions about the way I work and I will certainly cover:

  • what hypnosis is and is not
  • your role and what is expected of you when working with hypnosis (being passive and waiting to be fixed is not part of it)
  • how does hypnosis work online (if we would be working online)
  • any other questions you might have

I use hypnosis within coaching sessions too, so the above will also apply if you are investigating coaching. For coaching we will also discuss:

  • what your goal/project is
  • how achieving that will fit into your current life or whether it is part of a larger lifestyle project
  • what support would be most useful between sessions and over what period of time your project is most likely to be achieved
  • frequency of sessions- ie regular or frontloaded for example.


Over to you

If you want to take the first step book an appointment.