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The View from Above – an exercise in gaining peace and perspective 


This is an exercise  that comes from a noble background. The Emperor Marcus Aurelius used this exercise, not from the comfort of his living room, but on the eve of battle! 

Philosopher Pierre Hadot alludes to this type of process when he wrote, “by means of [spiritual exercises], the individual raises himself up to the life of objective Spirit; that is to say, he re-places himself within the perspective of the Whole.” (Philosophy as a way of life cited in 


I first learned it as part of my Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy course with Adam Eason who credited the work of Donald Robertson for this formulation for use within (self) hypnosis. 

If you have no previous self hypnosis experience do not worry, just follow the suggestions and engage with the instructions given. When asked to imagine something do your best without strain, to just imagine it as if actually happening. 


Do make sure you are sitting comfortably in a place where you will not be disturbed, and as this is a closed eyes process, only use it in appropriate circumstances and not whilst driving, for example!

Employ the wonderful faculty of common sense! 



Take a moment to get comfortable… 

Let’s begin… 


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You may also be interested in Adam Eason’s article that details this exercise, as well as Donald Robertson’s original recording of which mine is a ‘cover version’!