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Spiritually based approaches

Along with cognitive techniques and understanding I work with the Three Principles as well as Buddhist and Taoist practices and insights. These approaches are well suited to a series of coaching conversations that take as their context an area of your life that you would like to achieve different results in.

I favour an eclectic approach suited to the person in front of me rather than a ‘purist’ – fit-the-client-to-the-model stance! Note that coaching is not about having an intellectual debate, these are transformational conversations that will ground you in a deeper understanding of where your experience of life is coming from and how you are creating your current thinking, feeling and results. Such insight tends to lead to a restructuring of a client’s life that is more joyful, peaceful and productive. You can read more about such coaching conversations’ here. 

Note that coaching programmes are focused on getting results in the context of your choice.

Not sure?

Contact me to book a free ‘is it for me?’ conversation.


Fees are very simple:

  • £100 a session.
  • A session will normally be an hour to an hour and a half.
  • The aim of coaching is for you not to need coaching, so no long term packages! Just pay as you go as long as it is useful for you.
  • All fees must be paid by bank transfer prior to sessions beginning.
It all starts with a free ‘is it for me?’ conversation.