A series of conversations where we discover how you are waking up to a new life and what forms you are going tocreate for yourself. If I were going to describe this in ‘coaching speak’, it’s about freedom – your freedom to create a new life for yourself that is more in line with your emerging deepest understanding and also pays the bills!

People hire coaches for one simple reason– they want to get more out of themselves and their lives than they seem to be getting on their own.

For example, why are you reading this? Chances are that you’re looking for something to help you change your life for the better – to improve your circumstances, or make you feel better, or bring you closer to God/Spirit/your essential nature and help you cope with the challenges and problems that come to us all. You think to yourself “There has got to be a better way of being in the world than the way I’m going about it.”

(Michael Neil Author and Coach)

It’s about you!

As you may have already read, coaching is a conversation focused on you, and what you are bringing to your life that works, and which doesn’t work.  It’s not for a nice chat but because you want to investigate deeply and make some discoveries and positive changes in your life.

There are many forms of coaching which range from brainstorming and project management to the more spiritual. However, as one of my mentors put it, ‘coaching is always about results’.

Coaching is for when you are shifting at deeper levels, waking up from the constructs, the limits, the rules and regulations about how life has to be and from how you thought and believed you were. These conversations are a joint exploration into how you will re create your life and lifestyle from the foundation of a deeper knowing about how life works and in a way that honours the physical reality of having to pay the bills!

The way I coach is a product of my training and interests and you need to be sure it will be the right approach at the right time for you (you can do this by contacting me for an ‘is coaching for me?’ conversation).

My background is in technical approaches such as NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy as well as more ‘holistic’ approaches such as Buddhist Mindfulness practices and perspectives, and more recently, and increasingly, the 3 Principles Understanding.

What that means is that when talk, I am listening for how you are thinking and feeling about your situation, how your thinking and feeling is emerging from your understanding of your own experience. I am listening for where you are grounded in Life and where you are limiting yourself with personal thinking and feeling.

In part it is about really seeing and knowing how we/you are creating your experience of your situation and how to slow down enough to let what is potentially emerging take form and begin taking the actions that will create what results you want for yourself.

Sometimes this process is gentle and flowing, sometimes it is not. One of my clients told me, quite correctly, ‘You can be quite blunt!’  Your story, by which I mean your ongoing experience of the world, is what is getting in the way of you seeing more of what is available to you, or in more woo woo speak, ‘your wisdom’.

Once you get in touch with your own higher thinking, the answers will start to come and then it does become about project management, accountability and getting unstuck when the old conditioned thinking switches in again – as it does for us all.

If you are interested in exploring what coaching with me would be like contact me  and we will set up a free initial conversation so you can experience being coached, get some insight and progress into what you want to work on, and decide whether to continue.

To book a coaching session or to take up this offer use the contact link above or use the booking form.

Fees are very simple:

  • £100 a session.
  • A session will normally be an hour to an hour and a half.
  • The aim of coaching is for you not to need coaching, so no long term packages! Just pay as you go as long as it is useful for you.
  • All fees must be paid by bank transfer prior to sessions beginning.

Sessions will be via Skype / Zoom and may include hypnotic skills training if appropriate.