Friday 13th

The well known source of objective and balanced reporting, the Mirror newspaper reports today, Friday 13th 2018, “One in 20 people won’t even leave the HOUSE this Friday the 13th”

Superstition is rife, and my suggestion is that such beliefs actually condition us to move closer, to actualise the reality we believe in than protect us against the whims of fate. For example writing in Effects of the self-schema on perception of space at work,  Fischera, Tarquinio  and Vischer  (2004) claim that “a person’s self-schema can affect his or her perception of reality at work..”

So, our thoughts, feelings and perceptions can alter how we relate to the world around us. For most of us this will not have any great effect this Friday 13th. Most of us will not hide in our beds, however tempting that may be.

Perhaps a better response would be to understand and accept the huge role our experience of the world, the psychological reality we live in, has on how we navigate through that world. And given that, would we not seek to encourage ourselves and look for the most beneficial and fulfilling ways of experiencing the world, and not leaving that great work to chance?

Just a short Friday 13th thought.


Journal of Environmental Psychology Volume 24, Issue 1, March 2004, Pages 131-140 Effects of the self-schema on perception of space at work

Gustave Nicolas Fischera, Cyril Tarquinio, Jacqueline C Vischer

The Mirror

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